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Wehmann Voice is always looking for talented, experienced voice over actors. Currently we are seeking actors who are local to the Twin Cities, POC and kids 18 and younger. We require a professional voice over demo to be included in your submission to be considered for representation with Wehmann Voice. Please make sure to include all applicable information in your submission form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Want In?

Please complete the form below or email the requested info to



    What materials are required to be considered for Wehmann Voice?

    The Minneapolis voice over market is strong and competitive, and we pride ourselves in representing professional voice talent. We recommend all of our talent, whether you are new or seasoned, to strengthen and perfect their craft through coaching and training. Most voice actors have home studios. You will need the proper training, equipment and resources to be successful. Your recording space will need to be quiet with professional sound proofing. You will also need a good microphone, computer, and recording software. If you are interested in joining Wehmann’s voice roster please fill out the form above and include a professional voice demo.

    How often should I update my materials?

    The voice over industry is constantly changing. We try to keep our roster as current as possible which includes our talent’s materials. It is extremely important that you keep your professional demo updated to represent your current voice. Keeping your materials up to date allows us to successfully represent you and create more opportunities for auditions and bookings.

    What sort of work does Wehmann get?

    The majority of what Wehmann Voice books is commercial and non broadcast corporate narration. Our clients are casting directors, advertising agencies, broadcast producers, project managers, and production companies. You will see work that ranges from local terrestrial radio, national TV broadcast, paid social media campaigns, streaming and explainer videos. There is plenty of variety!